Errarte en la sombra is a shortfilm directed by Hilario Abad which is scheduled for release in April 2014.

It tells the story of Juan, performed by Christian Stamm, a man whose daily routine makes him combine his work with long visits to his sick wife in hospital. When María, his wife, performed by Paz García, decides to order a doppel (a bionic copy of herself) so that his husband is not alone after her upcoming death,  Juan must face an extraordinary change. Now he lives with two different versions of his wife; the real one, depressed and ill, and the copy which perfectly recreates the first one before getting sick, but yet is synthetic.  

Errarte en la sombra speaks about love and death, and films like Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo or the outstanding videogame Silent Hill 2 directed by Masashi Tsuboyama can be found within its references. The short is titled after a verse of the song Volver, by  Carlos Gardel, and it means something like 'mistake you in the shadows'.